How To Start Blogging In 2020 and earn money

Want to start blogging in India but Don’t know How? Is that you want to learn How to start blogging in India? Then you are in the right place. Today we will discuss A to Z about blogging and I’m 100% sure that at the end you will definitely learn how to start a blog .

So, Let’s start the topic, first thing first before starting a blog you have to know properly what is blogging? rightSo, Blogging is a written paragraph or an information center that you can found in W.W.W (World Wide Web). Which displays in Goggle or other search engines. Didn’t understand?

Let me show you a simple example Whenever you search for something in goggle-like How to learn business studies? then you will get many results with the same title, after that you do click on one result and then what you see, a written paragraph of information about what you have searched, so that whole written paragraph is called a blog. And writing a blog is called blogging.

let’s explain some points that How to start blogging

1:- Do some research and know properly what is blogging:-

Not only in the case of blogging in my opinion before starting anything you have to do proper research about that thing which you want to start, That not only helps you to gain knowledge about your topic it will also help you to do customization at the time of your work and make it better than other.

So, you can do your research on blogging like reading other blogs or reading blog content on books or papers. This research will help you to gain knowledge about 3 things First, How to present your Blog, 2nd How to write a blog, 3rd How to customize your blog.

So research is the most important part of before creating any blog. So do research before starting your own blog.

2. Find a niche you would like to blog about:-

Finding a niche for your blog is also one of the most important things before creating your own blog.

So, Lots of people confused about what is niche content means? So let me clarify this niche content in blogging means searching a particular topic or particular genre topic by which you going to make your all blogs target a particular audience.

For example like if you are making all blogs on your website about travel then travel will be your niche content. That means in present and in the future all the time you have to make blogs about traveling and by this, you can target special category audiences which are interested in travel.

Finding out about your personal subject title is one of the most important things so always try to make vlogs on a targeted category, Don’t make different categories blog on the same website, that will make a huge impact on your website and maybe you will not get any reach after that, so always try to stick on a particular category.

3. Buy a Domain for your website:-

The domain is a unique identification name or particular naming in where you will upload your all blogs and By a domain name, people will know your website and by a domain, you can visible your website to World wide web.

So you can buy a domain from many online website stores.

4. Buy a Hosting:-

Hosting is online storage where you can store your all blog related files, Images, All the important contents of your websites, and all the blogs of your website.

In hosting you will get many portals like an example a word press where you can write and edit and customize your all blogs and not only this you will get many plugins like SEO plugin where you can do your on-page SEO for the better performance of your blogs.

You can buy hosting in monthly or yearly basics from many hosting providing companies. Rember one thing people can see contents on your website till the hosting period is running but after the hosting expires no one can access your website content through the world wide web.

So buying strong and regular hosting is a very important thing for every blogger.

5. Set up your website and write your own interesting blogs:-

The last and final thing is after set up of your domain name and hosting plans and customization of your website, Now you can write your own interesting and fascinating blogs on your website.

If you have a passion for blogging or you are passionate about learning to blog then you have to be regular, You have to update regular blogs by which you can engage more and more audience and can earn a good volume of money.

Note:- All the details are given by full research and all the statements are based on research, So, please before any action do your own research. We will not responsible for any error or Any misguides by those companies.

Disclaimer:- All the details are collected from the official website, So if any mistake happens you can inform us in the comment section. And do your own research before any action.

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