how to speed up your computer windows 7

Windows 7 is not speeding up? Are your windows 7 become too slow to use?  Not surprised by Windows 10 and staying with Windows 7? Don’t worry we are here to help you. we will discuss some of the best ways to keep Your windows 7 speed it up on your PC. (how to speed up your computer windows 7)

Windows 10 may have a couple of attractive new highlights but windows 7 is still best and simple. Windows 7 Is the best creation from windows, All the beginners of computer should start their computer carrier from Windows 7 because of its business. But the problems begin when windows 7 of your pc get older and it becomes more choppy and it reduced its speed But from now no more choppiness and low-speed because we have some of the great 5 solutions by which you can increase up your speed of windows 7.

So let’s start the topic of Top-05 points about how to speed up your computer windows 7:-

1. Clean your PC regularly:-

Clean your PC is our top-01 solution of our Top-05 points about how to speed up your computer windows.

The first and most important thing on the computer is you should always clean your pc regularly. So here are some tips on how can you clean your PC.

a. Right-click on local disk C. (Or that disk where you have stored your program files)

b. Then click on the last option Properties.

c. After that click on Disk clean up.

d. Then click “ok”.

e. Then select the unwanted files that you want to delete, then click on OK.

 2:- Check for hard drive errors:-

At the same time when you’re in the Properties option of your hard drive, plus click the Tools tab. Here you’ll see a Check now button Click on that, that will check your C: drive or any other drive where you have stored your program files for errors that can harm its normal operation. You can see a message about Windows being unable to check the drive when it’s in use, so click the Schedule disk check button and restart your PC to perform the check.

3:- Defrag your hard drives:-

Hard drives become ‘choppy’ with use — parts of files get dispersed over the drive and these take time to find and collect when those files are needed.

You’ll find a Defragment now button on the same Tools tab of the hard drive Properties Option, so click it to start the ‘defrag’ process. Now, this can take some time, but still, you can use your PC while it’s running.

4. Switch off Search Indexing:-

Windows 7 loves to arrange everything on your hard drive to make it easy and quicker for you to find when you’re searching for something important in pc. But in case If your PC becomes old, or you don’t use the Search option that much then switching off this indexing can give Windows 7 a small performance boost.

So for this option, you have to go on theGeneral tab of the same hard drive Properties Option. Untick the box for Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed then Click on the option of  Apply changes to drive C:\, subfolders, and files on the next dialog box that opens. Click OK and wait while Windows 7 makes the necessary changes. Again.

5. Check your power plan settings:-

Windows 7 optimizes itself automatically to give the best performance on a laptop or pc, depends on that it’s on mains or battery power. If you only regularly use your laptop plugged in, you might get the option for high-performance mode all the time.

Open the Start menu, type power plan into the Search box, and click on the choose a power plan option. Now when the Power Options window opens, select High performance from the list of Preferred plans, or if you can’t see it, click Show additional plans, after that, you will get it and then click on it.


Note:- All the details are given by full research and all the statements are based on research, So, please before any action do your own research. We will not responsible for any error or Any misguides by PC companies.

Disclaimer:- All the details are collected from the official website, So if any mistake happens you can inform us in the comment section. And do your own research before any action.

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