Best Windows shortcut keys 2020

Searching for Best Windows shortcut keys 2020 online? Here are all shortcut keys of windows that use them all on your desktop or laptops and save your time.

Best Windows shortcut keys 2020

Windows keyOpen or close Start Menu.
Windows key + AOpen Action Center.
Windows key + COpen Cortana in listening mode.
Windows key + DDisplay and hide the desktop.
Windows key + EOpen File Explorer.
Windows key + GOpen Game bar when a game is open.
Windows key + HOpen the Share charm.
Windows key + IOpen Settings.
Windows key + KOpen the Connect quick action.
Windows key + LLock your PC or switch accounts.
Windows key + MMinimize all windows.
Windows key + ROpen Run dialog box.
Windows key + SOpen Search.
Windows key + UOpen Ease of Access Center.
Windows key + XOpen the Quick Link menu.
Windows key + NumberOpen the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number.
Windows key + Left arrow keySnap app windows left.
Windows key + Right arrow keySnap app windows right.
Windows key + Up arrow keyMaximize app windows.
Windows key + Down arrow keyMinimize app windows.
Windows key + CommaTemporarily peek at the desktop.
Windows key + Ctrl +DAdd a virtual desktop.
Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right arrowSwitch between virtual desktops.
Windows key + Ctrl + F4Close current virtual desktop.
Windows key + EnterOpen Narrator.
Windows key + HomeMinimize all but the active desktop window (restores all windows on the second stroke).
Windows key + PrtScnCapture a screenshot and save it in the Screenshots folder.
Windows key + Shift + Up arrowStretch the desktop window to the top and bottom of the screen.
Windows key + TabOpen Task view.
Windows key + “+” keyZoom in using the magnifier.
Windows key + “-” keyZoom out using the magnifier.
Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen Task Manager.
Alt + TabSwitch between open apps.
Alt + Left arrow keyGo back.
Alt + Right arrow keyGo forward.
Alt + Page UpMove up one screen.
Alt + Page downMove down one screen.
Ctrl + Alt +TabView open apps
Ctrl + CCopy selected items to the clipboard.
Ctrl + XCut selected items.
Ctrl + VPaste content from the clipboard.
Ctrl + ASelect all content.
Ctrl + ZUndo an action.
Ctrl + YRedo an action.
Ctrl + DDelete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin.
Ctrl + EscOpen the Start Menu.
Ctrl + ShiftSwitch the keyboard layout.
Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen Task Manager.
Ctrl + F4Close the active window.

So here are all shortcut keys that I have found in my research, hope you guys will surely like all the shortcuts later which will help you a lot and the main thing is it will save your valuable time.

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